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Dr. Robinson and Dr. Ries are friendly, thorough, professional and have the best staff! As an adult with braces, they have made the experience beyond easy and pleasant from the initial consult through treatment. They recommended Damon braces, offered the option of clear brackets on top and most people say they can’t really tell I am wearing braces at all! For years the decision to have braces was put off because of horror stories of pain and discomfort but as I near the end of treatment I am happy to report that was an unfounded fear. There have been only a few times of discomfort and if you comply with the treatment, it goes really quick and you are soon showing off your new beautiful smile! My recommendation to anyone considering orthodontic treatment (adult or child) is go to Drs. Robinson and Ries, don’t wait….they are truly miracle workers! 🙂

~ Jackie Lowrey