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Talk about gorgeous smiles…Check out Gwen and Tyler Benjamin!

Gwen and Tyler Benjamin show their Robinson and Ries smiles




“On December 11, 2013 my daughter had her braces removed, I’m still amazed every time I look at her.  She went from a cute little girl that wouldn’t show her teeth when she smiled to a beautiful teenager that lights up every time she smiles.  I can tell she’s so proud of her new smile.  Everyone in the office is so kind and they treat every patient and parent like a friend.

When we came into the office on the big day, her name was on the board announcing her braces were coming off.  We took pics, Dr. Ries came to the lobby to talk to me about the dramatic change, it was an exciting day.  I’m so impressed with the office that I took my other daughter in for braces.  We’ll have another big day in the future.”

~ Patty S.