Damon® System

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Dr. Robinson and Ries are pleased to offer The Damon® System to our patients. Damon braces allow your teeth to move more comfortably and easily than traditional braces.  Damon Braces use advanced shape memory wire and tie-less brackets to move your teeth into position without tightening. Thanks to these innovative new braces, achieving your perfect smile will be faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

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Better Results in Less Time

With the new Damon braces, we can achieve terrific results and finish your treatment faster. Depending on your case, the treatment time is generally 6 months faster than traditional braces. There’s never headgear involved, and, in most cases, you won’t need to have any teeth pulled. Contact us today and we will provide you with a treatment plan that will have you smiling soon!

Simplified Procedures

With Damon braces, you don’t need elastic or metal ‘ties” that create friction and pressure that slow treatment and cause discomfort. Damon “tie-less” braces and advanced shape memory wires gently move teeth quickly and comfortably. With Damon, we can reduce the need for many of the time-consuming and complicated procedures that are used with traditional braces.

Fewer Visits to the Office

Damon braces work more efficiently and fewer adjustments are required.

Greater Comfort

Due to the unique design, we can move your teeth into their correct position with much less discomfort than traditional braces. Damon braces are smaller and easier to keep clean.

To learn more, visit www.damonbraces.com.



smiling child client of Robinson & Ries Orthodontics

My daughter just had her braces taken off this morning after 27 months. Her teeth look beautiful. Dr. Reis also performed a gingivectomy and frenectomy because of her thick gums and it also went really well with very little pain and discomfort. Dr. Reis and staff took care of her very well. The office is a nice place to be (you’ll spend a lot of time in that waiting room) with a kind and caring staff. Thanks, Dr. Reis!

~ Elizabeth Dube