Orthodontics for Children

When to Begin Orthodontic Treatment

For about 80% of young patients, it is best to wait to begin treatment until most of their permanent teeth are present (around the age of 11 or 12). In some cases, earlier treatment may be the best option. This includes kids with crossbites, severe jaw imbalances, excessive crowding, early loss of baby teeth, and airway problems. 

Since children’s bones grow at a rapid rate, addressing these problems between the ages of 7 and 10 can reduce total treatment time and yield better results. Usually, this involves a two-phase treatment plan. After one treatment phase, we use retainers to hold the alignment and spaces. Once all of the permanent teeth have completely set in, the patient is ready for a full set of braces.

Today’s smaller, lighter bracket and wire systems make braces more comfortable, practical, and less limiting than ever before. For many children, Invisalign Teen may be an option. Dr. Robinson and Dr. Ries will help you through deciding which treatment plan is best for your child and their orthodontic needs.

Removing Permanent Teeth

Removing teeth is always among the top concerns when looking out for a child’s dental care. In the past, it was standard practice to address childhood orthodontic crowding by removing permanent teeth. Unfortunately, that sometimes leads to awkward spaces between teeth or less than ideal facial structure later in life. Although removing teeth is still sometimes necessary, Dr. Robinson and Dr. Ries usually prefer to use modern orthodontic appliances that expand the palate and make room for teeth that were once crowded. That way, when a child grows to adulthood, he or she will enjoy a lifetime full of pleasant smiles and a great facial profile as well.

Orthodontics for Adults

Adult orthodontic treatment has increased in popularity among adults who want to improve their overall appearance. Dr. Robinson and Dr. Ries will help you achieve a full, beautiful smile, no matter what your age. He uses the Damon® System of self-ligating braces (in both clear and traditional metal) because they are more comfortable, practical, and less obtrusive than other options.

Additionally, for those who want a beautiful smile without braces, new Invisalign® technology may be an option. Our Columbia, MO orthodontists are dedicated to being the best in the field. They will recommend the optimal treatment option for you based on your specific‌ ‌needs. They can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. Call and schedule your appointment today.