Adult Treatment

Adult Treatment

Did you know that over 30% of our patients are adults?

Our patients range from 7 to 77 years of age. You are never too old to consider the benefits of orthodontic treatment. And with advances in dental technology, there are now options other than adult braces for achieving proper teeth alignment.

Unfortunately, crowding or overlapping of the lower teeth increases as we age. As the lower teeth crowd up, our bite tends to deepen causing more wear and stress on our teeth. At a certain point, a bite can be so bad that a dentist is very limited on what teeth can be fixed, and some teeth may not be able to be fixed at all.

Proper alignment is not only aesthetically pleasing and easier to clean, but also allows for proper form and function. A poor functioning bite and crowding can lead to increased necessity for crowns on posterior teeth, and wear and tear on edges of anterior teeth. Proper alignment helps to prevent these issues and allows your dentist to fix existing problems more effectively.

From traditional braces to Invisalign, our doctors can create a treatment option that will work well for you.

Why Orthodontics?


 I am thrilled with my results after my 18-month treatment at Robinson & Ries Orthodontics!  As an adult making a commitment to a second round of braces, I had a lot of questions and concerns. From my very first consultation to my very last follow-up, I felt that Drs. Robinson and Ries and their staff were extremely professional and skilled. It was clear to me that they tailor each treatment specifically to the needs and desires of each individual. I will definitely be taking my children to Robinson & Ries Orthodontics in the future, and I would recommend them to my closest friends and neighbors!

Chelsea Otten
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invisalign for adults before and after