Meet the Orthodontic Staff
  • Ashley


    Orthodontic Assistant With Robinson and Ries Orthodontics Since 2012

    “I originally moved to Columbia for school as a Biochemistry major at Mizzou. However, when my son Easton was born, it was too much to juggle family and school at the same time. That was when I found my way to Robinson and Ries Orthodontics! The family environment in our office is amazing, not only with the staff, but also with the patients who I learn more about everyday. When you visit our office, you may see me taking x-rays or impressions for appliances in our records room. Otherwise, come see me in the lab with Melonie and Renee!

  • Stacy


    Orthodontic Assistant With Robinson and Ries Orthodontics Since 2011

    “I moved to Columbia from northern Michigan where I was employed at a periodontics office for the last five and a half years. I am very happy to have the opportunity to work at Robinson and Ries Orthodontics and very excited to learn all of the aspects that orthodontics has to offer. In my spare time I enjoy doing anything outdoors and discovering all the parks and trails that Columbia has with my dog, Blue.”

  • courtney


    Orthodontic Assistant With Robinson and Ries Orthodontics since 2011

    “I graduated from Missouri College in 2009. My main focus was general dentistry, but I soon found that Orthodontics was way more fun! I love the one on one time I get to spend with our patients. I’m really excited to be a part of the wonderful Robinson and Ries Orthodontics team. It is very rewarding to see the patients glow when they see their new awesome smile!”

  • Syra


    Orthodontic Assistant With Robinson and Ries Orthodontics since 2010

    “I moved to Columbia in 2009 from Kirksville, Missouri, and graduated from the Nichols Career Center in Dental Assisting with 3rd academic achievement in my class. I have a five-year-old Red Doberman Pinscher named Sienna, who often accompanies me on jogs to the dog park. I enjoy camping, fishing, and spending time with family and close friends. I am super excited to be a part of this team and to get to know the people behind the wonderful smiles at Robinson and Ries Orthodontics.”

  • Lexie


    Treatment Coordinator With Robinson and Ries Orthodontics since 2010

    “Having been a patient of Dr. Robinson’s some time ago, I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to work here. I thoroughly enjoy every second of my job and find it extremely rewarding. Our doctors have so much to teach, and they have a wonderful philosophy on how to create the perfect smile.”

  • Robbyn


    Orthodontic Assistant With Robinson and Ries Orthodontics since 1998

    “One of my favorite things about Robinson and Ries Orthodontics is getting to know all the patients and hearing about their days. I love it when a patient first has their braces removed and they can’t stop looking at their new smile! My husband and I enjoy boating, fishing and spending time with our son Walker and daughters Emma and Grace.”

  • Renee


    Orthodontic Assistant With Robinson and Ries Orthodontics since 2002

    “I enjoy all aspects of my job at Robinson and Ries Orthodontics, which includes taking diagnostic records for your braces or Invisalign treament, working as lab technician extraordinare and even assisting chairside. I feel lucky to work in such a fun environment creating lots of fabulous smiles! When I’m not here, I enjoy spending time with my family.”

  • Margie


    Financial Coordinator With Robinson and Ries Orthodontics since 1996

    “My role at Robinson and Ries Orthodontics has evolved over the years. I visit with parents during records appointments to help explain treatment plans and to make financial arrangements. I also work with insurance carriers, manage accounts receivable and address billing concerns. I’m always available to help with your “back-office” needs or questions!”

  • Marci


    Orthodontic Assistant With Robinson and Ries Orthodontics since 2007

    “Before joining the team, my focus was pediatric dentistry. It’s been a lot of fun to work with patients of all ages. It’s amazing how much confidence a great new smile can give someone, and it makes me very happy to be a part of that process!”

  • Melonie


    Laboratory Queen With Robinson and Ries Orthodontics since 1988

    “Unless you lose your retainer, you may never see me because I am tucked away in the lab all day! I started with Dr. Robinson in 1988 as one of two orthodontic assistants. Now that I’m our in-house laboratory technician, I fabricate the appliances used in your treatment. Having an in-house lab allows us to deliver the highest quality orthodontic appliances in a shorter period of time. If you are ever curious about how your retainers are made, come and see me!”

  • Laura


    Office Manager With Robinson and Ries Orthodontics since 2005

    “I love working at Robinson + Ries because the atmosphere is busy, but fun. Our doctors and staff are total tooth nerds and that is a great thing! It’s important that you enjoy your visits and get the perfect result and I believe that shows in the fabulous new smiles being revealed every day.”


  • Denise


    Expert at Wearing Many Hats With Robinson and Ries Orthodontics since 1987

    “I have been with Dr. Robinson since he started his practice. Prior to migrating to the font desk, I worked with patients as a Board Certified Orthodontic Assistant for many years. I keep your dentists and any other specialist involved in your treatment informed and up to date on your progress. My experience allows me to step in when needed as treatment coordinator, diagnostic records taker and I even help out in the lab sometimes. I especially enjoy working with former patients who are now bringing in THEIR children to start treatment!”



“With my son’s Asperger’s Syndrome, I always have a bit of anxiety about how his first interaction with someone new. It either makes or breaks the relationship, as he doesn’t change his mind easily if he has a poor first impression. Dr. Robinson instantly set my son at ease. He truly cannot wait until his next appointment or to get started with his orthodontic care.”

~ Name Withheld