Retainer Care
  1. Wear your retainers all of the time until your orthodontist tells you otherwise. This is vital in keeping up with the projected progress of your treatment plan.
  2. Be sure to keep retainers within a retainer case. The retainer can be compromised if left out in the open increasing the chance of them getting broken.
  3. Efferdent or other orthodontic appliance cleaners can be used, however this does not serve as a substitute in brushing your retainer. Be sure to clean your retainer thoroughly once a day with a toothbrush and warm water. Do not use hot water as the extreme temperature can take a bad toll on your appliance. By cleaning your retainer you eliminate odors and plaque.
  4. Initially, it can be difficult for your mouth to get use to having the retainer in. Practice speaking, reading, or singing out loud to acclimate your mouth and appliance faster.
  5. Do not try to adjust your retainer yourself, please call the office and we will take a look at what needs to be done. This is important for the projected progression of your treatment plan.
  6. Please bring your retainer to the office for your appointments. We like to check up on the appliance as well as how the appliance fits in your mouth every visit.
  7. Retainers can break! Please call us immediately if you lost or broke your appliance. We want to make sure we keep you on track for progression in terms of your treatment plan. Help us help you!IMG_1678



“It’s a fact that as we age, our teeth shift and can become quite crooked. That was true in my case, as I am a “senior” girl! Ha! After having a consultation with Drs. Robinson and Ries, I decided to proceed with Invisalign. I have never had a single regret, and I am so very pleased with the result. My teeth are straight and my overall dental health is much-improved. I would recommend Invisalign to everyone, even if you think you may be too old for it. You’re probably not!”

~ Sherry