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logo_tagline_color_cmyk_largeNearly 2,000,000 people are smiling radiantly thanks to the Invisalign system. Read below to hear how Invisalign changed lives.




ione Ione, Age 58, Administrative AssistantThe reason I went with Invisalign is because I’m not a kid anymore. I didn’t want to look like a kid with braces on, and have the hassle of keeping them clean and all that. There is a lot of work to keeping your teeth in good health when you have (traditional) braces.
daniel Daniel, Age 38, ChauffeurI definitely smile a lot more. Even though I’m still in treatment, it has given me more confidence. It’s given me something to look forward to. I feel good about myself. I feel good that I have taken the steps to get these braces.
breanna Breanna, Age 20, Waitress & StudentWhat I like best about Invisalign is the fact that I can take them out and floss and brush my teeth and put them back in. So it’s not like I’m working around all this metal in my mouth, trying to get the toothbrush in there and floss in there.
gina Gina, Age 31, Analyst RelationsI would not have gone the regular braces route. The reason for that is that I am in a customer-facing position. I’m in the hi-tech industry, with a lot of people around me that are young and hip and moving and shaking. To be in management, in a hitech company with a mouthful of braces in front of customers and prospects and other executive strategic alliance partners, it just wasn’t an option.
william William, Age 31, Investment BrokerAt my age, to have the big metal train tracks in your mouth, I just figured, in person with people, I just wouldn’t feel as comfortable as I would with something that was truly invisible. I really believe in the product. I’m kind of a walking, talking billboard for it.
vivian Vivian, Age 53, NurseI am absolutely, positively thrilled. The fact that I was done with it in less than a year, and really had no inconveniences whatsoever, makes me wonder why I even hesitated.

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“It’s a fact that as we age, our teeth shift and can become quite crooked. That was true in my case, as I am a “senior” girl! Ha! After having a consultation with Drs. Robinson and Ries, I decided to proceed with Invisalign. I have never had a single regret, and I am so very pleased with the result. My teeth are straight and my overall dental health is much-improved. I would recommend Invisalign to everyone, even if you think you may be too old for it. You’re probably not!”

~ Sherry