Digitally Scanned Teeth Impressions for Invisalign

Why iTero?

  • 10x fewer rejections – Invisalign production data shows that only 0.4% of intraoral scans are rejected compared to 4% of PVS impressions. iTero can minimize the need to recall patients and re-take impressions.
  • 7x fewer fit issues – An Invisalign study conducted in 2011 found that seven times fewer issues occurred with scanning versus PVS impressions.
  • Better patient experience – The iTero scanner eliminates the uncomfortable and inconvenient process of performing PVS impressions.
  • Simulated outcomes for patients – The Invisalign Outcome Simulator helps patients visualize how their teeth may look at the end of Invisalign treatment.



iTero Testimonials

Goop Free!
“It’s great because you don’t have to use goop, and that’s what the patients perceive it as. So when you can use the iTero machine on everybody, including gaggers, it opens up a whole other client base that you get to work on, so it just increases your efficiency as well. It’s just the best piece of equipment I’ve bought in the last 23 years.” – Dr. Curtis Michem, Champaign, IL


“We incorporated iTero into our practice 9 months ago and are extremely pleased with the results. Our patients are impressed with the technology, too, as seeing their impression magnified on screen empowers them to better understand the treatment they are receiving.” – Dr. Donald Keith, Mission, KS


“I am a very particular dentist when it comes to the fit, appearance, and occlusion of the crowns and bridges I place in my patient’s mouths. iTero digital impressions have helped me achieve my goal of nearly flawless crowns and restorations.” – Dr. Robert Marx, Kansas City, MO


“That’s the beautiful thing about iTero that really makes sense to me is the open architecture. It can work with other companies that develop their software that talk to each other. So when we talk about the kinds of things that you can do once you perform a scan, the sky’s the limit. It just makes so much sense.” – Dr. Sam Kherani


“I do book shorter appointments now for insert appointments, which allows me more time to see emergencies, spend more time with hygiene patients, and be more efficient in my office.” – Dr. Ginny Plaisted